Monday, 5 May 2008

Collage Mania, today is the day!!

Yes, finally the waiting is over and today is the opening day for the Collage Mania sale. It opens at 9am CST which is the equivalent of 3pm here in the U.K. Sorry about earlier posting which mentioned 2pm but I forgot to take into consideration that we are now on British Summertime!

This is your chance to buy art from some really well known artists and at the same time support the American Cancer Society. All information can be found here.

And if you should like to buy one of my two collages here is the direct link to the page on which I'm featured: Page 2

Eternity (pictured) above is one of them, featuring a stamp from Alphastamps.

And here is the other one, Art Squared, also on Page 2
Further to this post which I future-dated with Bloggers new option, which means you can pre-determine when your blog will be published, I sat behind my computer this afternoon, and on the dot of 3pm I send my e-mail to Virginia (ready in my Drafts folder) and hurrah, I acquired my first choice. I will let you know what it is just as soon as I receive her e-mail telling me she has received notification of my donation to the American Cancer Society (just done that!) and hopefully I will also show it to you if I get the artists' permission. For now I can only say that I absolutely love it. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would be my first choice!

Don't forget that you can still buy collages tomorrow when the prize goes down from $80 to $40 (of course you can donate more!). Again there is the 3pm kick-off time for the U.K. I could only buy my collage as I have just sold one of my own pieces and what better thing to do with the money than to buy art from someone else! I'm pretty sure I'll be back tomorrow for one more!

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Wonderful work!


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