Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Copper Inchies

Finally finished the copper inchies for the copper inchie swap I'm hosting myself on the ATCsforAll site, and about time too as the due date is the end of this month. We've been working our way through the colour wheel as well as silver and gold and I have the feeling this might be the last one of just colours although I'm working on new inchie ideas.
Copper gave me quite a few problems at first until I started to think of the small change here in the U.K. which is generally referred to as coppers.

So I started with with a metallic copper fabric and ironed it onto Fast2Fuse very carefully and on as slow a setting as I could get away with on my iron as these metallic fabrics are easily melted. This I machine quilted with copper metallic thread which proved very temperamental and I've mentally filed it away under Do No Use if you can avoid it!! Then I ironed a copper toning cotton to the other side of the Fast2Fuse and cut a 1" strip from this. Satin stitching was added along the long edges (with that same copper thread) and the strip was then cut into 1" squares which were also satin stitched along the remaining sides.

John was kind enough to make little holes into my coppers (i.e. 1 pence coins) and I glued them onto this background as well as sewing them on with a copper size 11 seed bead.


Colorfuldayz said...

What a clever clever clever idea!

ewa-christine said...

Very beautiful and lovely

Anonymous said...

wow - i love these inchies - they're just great - nomnom from


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