Thursday, 22 May 2008

Judy's Alice pages

We're almost coming to the end of the TipTopJournal swap, only this and one more month to go. My partner this month is Judy who has managed to come up with the most original theme for her album, which we all refer to jokingly as Alice on Speed. Seriously, she advises us to consult Jefferson Airplane's lyrics while making art for her album. I had a look at the full text and selected 2 sentences on which to base my 2 pages.
As per usual I started by making a fabric/paper collage using a very strange mix of ingredients. Some vintage music and text but mainly napkins formed the backbone. Among the napkins I used were ones with parasols, vintage menu with knves and spones, flowers and finally one featuring cupcakes. All somehow said Alice in Wonderland to me and I was really pleased with how the collage looked when I had finished. The background was made with a lime green velvet which was heavily machine quilted to which I stitched the collage with satin stitching. It did not need a lot more but I found some die-cut Alice images (available from Alphastamps) and to the first page I added a small looking Alice, looking at the Cheshire cat. Her size also looks minute compared to the spoon, and I added the text: Call Alice When she was just small.

I liked the collage for the facing page even better, with the music, mouse, rabbit and flower images and to this I added the text: Remember what the dormouse said.

I always knew I would love working on Judy's album and indeed I had great fun with these pages!


Gunnels blog said...

Soo beautiful! love the collage and the limegreen colour

Lenna Andrews said...

I adore the lime green velvet, Frieda! Absolutely stunning work you have done here for Judy's pages.

Also a surprise!! I have given you an award : )) Now don't worry, you don't have to do anything (unless you fancy to). I simply could not help but give you this award after it was given to me. It's here! --
love, Lenna

Janny said...

The pages are really beautiful, great colours!

Debby said...

WOW!!! These are so gorgeous. Perfect in every way.


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