Sunday, 25 May 2008

Garden Visit

No new theme for the Gothic Arches Challenge this week, so I did not have to rush into my workroom to produce a new arch, which came in handy as we went to visit a nearby estate which had an open day where you could visit the grounds for a small contribution to charity. There is a huge water reservoir bordering the estate so we went for a walk around that too. The sun was shining but it was very windy and we were around 1000 feet above sealevel. Fortunately we're used to that (we're about 900 feet high ourselves).

We started our walk in a wooded glade along the river (well, okay, more like a stream!) Lynne and progressed to the reservoir which looked breathtaking

and was further decorated with ducks and their little ones.

We continued our walk along the top of the reservoir dam surrounded by black-face sheep and their young and

on the way back we passed a field with one Highland Cattle cow and her calf, peacefully enjoying an afternoon's rest. How idyllic!

After coming home I phoned Abby! Who is in Scotland! She is one of my American on-line friends and on Tuesday we are going to actually meet each other face to face. The very first time I will be able to have a real-life chat with one of my online buddies! Hopefully the weather will remain kind to us and we'll be able to get out and about here in the Borders as well as spending some time in my studio. I'll keep you posted about what we get up to in due course!

I was also rewarded by Lenna with the above for sharing beauty, love and joy through my blog. Thanks so much, Lenna and I would give it right back to you if I could!!


Debby said...

Gorgeous pics, Frieda.

Lenna Andrews said...

You are so sweet, Frieda! Well deserved you are of this award. The pictures of the nearby estate are really gorgeous! Looks like it was a lovely day and all that water, mmmm! Steven would definitely enjoy that. : ) lenna


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