Saturday, 21 June 2008

Artchix Bubbles ATCs

To give myself even more of a break I also made 6 ATCs for the Bubbles ATC Swap organized by Artchix Studio. I know I'm only doing this out of prevarication as I simply can't work on these large pieces of work all day long and also because I'm rather upset still and my mind can't settle on anything serious at the moment so I escaped into ATC land. The brief was to use Artchix images and also to have at least 3 small round images on each ATC, a bit like inchies but round.

I had made a lovely rose themed fabric/paper collage recently for no other reason that that I fancy roses so much and cut the background for the ATCs from this. Roses are firmly connected to romance in my mind so I thought of that while browsing through my Artchix transparency sheets and I found one featuring vintage men. These are rare (not men, but the vintage variety!) and they made me think. The round items could be thought bubbles and what do men think of most of the time?? Yes, I know it's the S word but really that means they think of women!! In this case I'm suggesting they think of more than one woman! Enough of this naughtiness already!!

I added the lovely gorgeous images of women (all from a variety of Artchix sheets) and beaded around the bubbles with size 15 red seed beads. The cards were finished by layering with cardstock and zigzag stitching around the edges.


Angie Hall Haviland said...

These are BEAUTIFUL, Frieda!! Making me itch to place an ARTChix order .... I had so much I had ordered built up I was trying to resist getting more....this sure makes it harder :O)

Lenna Andrews said...

Your ATCs are so lovely, Frieda, but I am giggling at your "thought bubbles" the men have : )
I was so pleased to see these ATCs on the home page of the ARTchix Studio yahoo group! Love the women in the bubbles. Great combo, wonderful fabric collage background. You've done it again!


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