Monday, 23 June 2008

Paula's Cowgirl pages

We have reached the last month of the TipTopJournal exchange. Here we swap not the actual albums but only the pages every month with our designated partner. And this last month my partner is Paula and her album is dedicated to Cowgirls.

I already knew that I did not have many things to do with this theme so I ordered the Cowgirls collage sheet from Alphastamps some time ago and when I started to hunt through my stash I discovered I had other ephemera to do with the theme. She also wanted to see denim and I found an old denim dress which had become all soft with wear and as I can't remember wearing it for at least 2 years I put the scissors into it and made a background with this layered with wadding (batting).
I also made a fabric/paper collage using calico (muslin), thinned PVA glue, cowgirl images (all from Alphastamps) and paper napkins with American homesteads, cow patterns and denim pocket image.

This was cut to size for both pages and for the first page I did not add much else as the page seemed to be happy just as it was. I sewed on a transparency ( no idea where I got this one originally?)) which reads Home Sweet Home on the Range. I also added some stars underneath the image and the word Rodeo at the bottom.

For the facing page I added a strip of denim topped with a thin leather strap on the left hand side of the page as well as the image repeated, sewn on and beaded. The final touch was the self-adhesive Ride'em cowboy sticker at the top left.

I have to say I'm so pleased it's Monday and the start of a new week as last week does not rank as a very good one in many respects and I'm hoping this week will be an improvement!!


carylsrealm said...

These are wonderful Frieda!

Lenna Andrews said...

Frieda, such lovely fabric pages for Paula! The soft blue of your old dress (wonderful!) is the perfect compliment for the colours in your fabric-paper collage. I think the repeated image in the right corner was the purfect touch! Love, lenna


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