Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Carpe Diem

Following on from my previous blog I spend a lot of time today thinking about the fragility of life and how we never know when it's going to be over. Apparently Anji went to bed with an upset stomach and died in her sleep. She did have serious health issues but I'm sure she must have thought like we all do that she would still have plenty of time to live her life.

Of course none of us can live every day as if it's going to be our last. It would be too stressful and also so depressing but something like this makes me walk into our garden and appreciate all I have even more, as well as the fact that I'm here to enjoy it all.

The picture above is from a rhododendron, named Fanny, and her lovely blossom in orange and pink make me think of Debbie whose favourite colour combination this is. I'm making arches for her next month and took this picture in preparation!

Also this is the time when the hawthorns flower up here in Scotland and it's such a pleasure to drive through our lane and admire them all. They look like bridal bouquets thrown randomly over bushes. We have several hawthorns in the wild bit of our garden and here is a detail of the flowers. They're tiny but so perfect. Unfortunately Blogger does not offer the option of smell yet but I can tell you it's sweet and delicious! The smell of summer, of life and of love!


Debby said...

Oh Frieda, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Life can be so sad.
Your flower gardens are simply stunning and the azaela is breath-taking. I am happy your garden can remind you of me in some small way. I am totally in anticipation waiting for my arches after reading this post.

Lenna Andrews said...

I recommend frequent walks in your garden, Frieda. Breath deep, exhale, appreciate, remember & love. Continue taking these wonderful photos too!

Thinking of you . . . . lenna


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