Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Sad News

I heard today of the sad death of Anji Visser, an art quilter in the US. Anji had a far from easy life as she suffered from lupus and last year she was forced to give up her home in California and move to a rented place in Oregon. I tried to help her by buying some of her gorgeous cards in her Etsy shop. She was so kind and helpful and the cards came beautifully wrapped and with an extra one just for me. I'll treasure them!! I only wish I could have afforded to buy one of her art quilts.
Anji had small children still at home and in her last blog post she sounded a lot happier and looking forward to the future. So it's even more tragic that she has been robbed of that. She spend her life raising her children, making her art and her beautiful animal drawings, rescuing animals and even fund raised last year for victims of the fire storms in California.
The world really is a poorer place without her!

It put things into perspective for me as I've spend the day worrying about one of my quilts which should be on its way home after having travelled the US for about a year. How trivial!!


Colorfuldayz said...

Yes, it is amazing how easily we get wrapped around the "smallness" in the day, and neglect rejoicing in the bigness of our individual blessings. She sounds as if she was an incrediably caring person.

artbeth67 said...

This is very, very sad. Thank you for sharing this news with us. Her quilt work looks really amazing.


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