Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Let's take a walk

I thought I would invite you all to come with us today to walk Troi and Rueben as it is such a gorgeous day. We come out of our gate and walk down the old railway path (the railway stopped running in the 40's!) through the railway bridge. We then walk along where the railway used to be. The rails are long gone although traces of the old railway fence are still in evidence. This year is quite different from last as the long, wet and cold spring seems to have suited some plants a lot better than others.

When we're a bit further along, the old path is suddenly covered in bright yellow, as if someone has decorated it with carpet! It's a wild flower although I have no idea what it's called. It looks great from a distance but from close-up it's even more amazing, so much detail on such a small flower!
And so totally, overwhelmingly yellow!

Along the railway path, there is an evergreen forest on one side and a field on the other. Last year there was hardly a trace of the cotton grass but this year it's back in all its glory. My mother in law really loved this grass when she came to visit back in the 90's and it still reminds us of her when it's on show like today. If you look carefully, you can just about see our house in the far distance on the right top.

The cotton grass really looks like there are tufts of cotton at the top of each flower as you can see on this detail. It's a great plant for drying but I still love all plants and flowers best growing in the ground as they're meant to be!

It's about time to turn around now as Troi, the greyhound, is getting tired! There they go. I'm the one lagging behind to take the picture.

Finally we reach the railway bridge again and I love the way it frames the landscape beyond. I'm always taking pictures looking through one way or the other and depending on the time of year the view looks quite different. But at this time green is the dominant colour in the landscape and how beautiful and peaceful it makes the world look!


ewa-christine said...

It was a lovley walk! Thanks!!

Lenna Andrews said...

Again, thank you for these photos Frieda. Hope you aren't getting sick of all my comments as I catch up after vacation! This was a beautiful walk, thanks for asking us to join you.
xo lenna


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