Saturday, 28 June 2008

M is for Money

Another month and another swap for our Alphabetica album. My partner this month is Abby! Oh yes, the only online artist whom I have actually met in person as regular readers of this blog will have seen in one of my past posts. Abby has dedicated her Alphabetica album to songs and I had to think long and hard about which song I would choose for M. There seems to be a wealth of them but I finally settled on Money, Money, Money, it's a rich man's world, by Abba.

Yes, I know, showing my age here! But it's a song for which I invariably turn up the volume when it's on Radio 2 and I'm driving. Dare I admit I actually sing along?? Fortunately no-one can hear me!!
For this page I collected vintage bills and cheques, foreign money and imitation US bills and put them on my scanner in a nice arrangement. The resulting scan was printed out onto self-adhesive fabric sheet (from Crafty Computer Paper) and cut to 8 x 8" size (we're all using the 8 x8 7Gypsies ring album). I adhered this to a piece of 8 x 8 Timtex and machine quilted around the money etc. using gold sewing thread and my sewing machine. I then looked at my collection to find a rich man and located a likely one on an Altered Pages sheet. I found a vintage envelope with a picture of an hotel where it would be likely the rich man would like to stay and I stitched them on together. The envelope was open at one end and before stitching over it I tucked a tranparency (Altered Pages) of foreign currency inside which sticks out over the edge of the page.
At the top left I alsw sewed on an actual foreign backnote. The text of the song was added, partly using my Dymo writer and partly a transparency (also Altered Pages)
The page was bordered on all sides with gold transparent ribbon to stay with the Rich theme!
I've already thought of a song for N, now I just have to go off and hunt for the necessary ingredients!

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Lenna Andrews said...

I really like your process (scanning & printing to the self adhesive fabric page) and the results, Frieda! Sewing on the envelope from the Hotel and the image of the man gives it dimension and the transparency of the $$ sticking out is just wonderful! I like the alphabet theme as well. Lovely to see what you are creating as always.
xo lenna


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