Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Mermaid Inchies

Despite the many stickers on my monitor imploring myself not to subscribe to any more swaps I still seem to click that mouse button way too often and needless to say when I spotted an inchie swap on the Alphastamps Yahoo Group my finger went down!

You would think inchies would not take all that much time but these kept me occupied for most of the day. I used background left over from various other projects. Most of them were fabric, ironed on to Fast2Fuse, and then covered with machine couched knitting yarns and there are also 4 with hand made felt as background, also ironed on to Fast2Fust. I glued on fabric images from the Alphastamps Mermaids #3 sheet.

To accompany the sea maidens I added a bead in the shape of a dolphin. I've had these beads for longer than I can remember and I like the fact that the dolphin is clearly outlined on both sides so you can make it swim in either direction! To stay with the sea theme I also sewed on a bead shell to each inchie. As far as I can tell it's an actual shell but another hole has been added so that you can sew through it, very nifty. I also beaded around the edges of all the inchies.
I mounted them all onto pre-cut stampboard, ready bought in inch size, which makes them lovely and substantial. They were glued on using wood adhesive which I use a lot as it really glues so well and nothing ever comes loose again.


Lenna Andrews said...

oh Frieda, how inspiring!! I have also signed up for this swap and your inchies are great inspiration!! I really like al the little mermaid faces & doplphin beads!
Yours creatively,
Lenna Andrews in Avon, CT USA

Debby said...

Frieda, these are lovely. I have no idea how you keep finding the time to do such beautiful work.


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