Friday, 13 June 2008

Purple and Green ATCs

The colour combination for the Colour Groupies exchange of ATCs this month is purple and green. We are a very select group of 5 artists (Tristan, Lenna, Debby, Caryl and I) who do swap every month and have the colour schemes set for this year. I'm very much hoping we are all enjoying it enough to do it again next year as the ATCs received in this swap are really top quality and it's a joy every month to wait and see what comes through the letterbox.

I bought the fabric for the colour combo this month ages ago when I was at a little quilt show with suppliers. It suddenly caught my attention and I actually carry the list of our colour combination with me in my bag so that I'm always prepared!! The fabric has a lovely pattern of quite large butterflies.

The fabric was ironed on to Fast2Fuse following the manufacturers' instruction and I then hand quilted it using gold thread and following the gold lines in the fabric. I added images which were suited to everyone's individual tastes (all from Divasdeste apart from the top image which is from Paperwhimsy) and also beaded where the fabric more or less dictated it. Then I started my search for text and in the end decided to add it using my Dymo writer.
To finish I ironed on a purple backing fabric on the other side of the Fast2Fuse and used satin stitch with gold thread to finish the edges of the ATCs.

Of course I also made one for my 100 ATC project, made in exactly the same way but with a transparency (also Divasdeste) and text from a vintage book reading: The beautiful Face.

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Debby said...

These are all so gorgeous. I love, love my with butterfly wings.


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