Monday, 21 July 2008

21 July 2008

A glorious day, although glorious really does not cover it at all. The sun was high in the sky, not a cloud to be seen, there was a slight breeze, just enough to cool things down a bit and all was fine with the world here at Macbiehill (apart of course from the absence of one person but he will soon be back!). This will be another blog with little text but with lots of pictures!

Marquerites. What a lovely name but really they look exactly like ox-eye daisies which sound a lot more down to earth and which proliferate anywhere and everywhere. So why do we want marquerites too? Why for the name, naturally!!

I had to water all the plants and hanging baskets as well as our tomatoes and while doing that the old-fashioned way with a watering can (so much more relaxing than a hose) I thought up this haiku:

A light fills the sky
Azur blue, golden yellow
Eternity now

I also went rather mad over a piece I was working on for Alphastamps. It will be revealed in due course on this blog but due to the weather I decorated it a lot more than I originally planned. It reminded me how much I love to hand embroider, using simple stitches, and bead. Sometimes I forget how much pleasure these activities give me, when working towards deadlines and stressing out about things. Back to hand stitching should be my motto!!

No more words, now just enjoy the day with me!

A peony flower which is luscious and really baroque in its colour!

Beautiful blue delphiniums and the pink flowers of the lavatera which my mother gave to us on her last visit. Great combination of blue and pink. Too sweet for my quilts for great for an ATC!

I think I have featured these delphiniums last year on this blog too, but honestly, how could I resist this amazing azur blue!

Of course delpiniums also come in this soft mauve, offset beautifully by the rich purple of the hardy geranium in the background.

Alba Rose Mme Legras de St. Germain, a very romantic name! Who was she?The rose is stunning, and so large that the stems can barely cope. You can see the hand holding it up. The scent is indescribably delicious. Really the best one in the entire garden!

Rose Albertine

And finally one beauty among many! She might be a silly dog, but boy, she is SO pretty and she knows it. Of course, she too loves to smel the roses (after checking if they are edible and discovering they're not!). Her brother is also admiring her great beauty!


Lenna Andrews said...

What a wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing your garden, Frieda, mmmmmmm. Simply breathtaking. : ) lenna

Colorfuldayz said...

What a beautiful post ... thanks for sharing all the loveliness of your day.


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