Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Red and Brown ATCs

It seems like yesterday when I posted my previous blog about our Colour Groupies monthly swap but another month has gone by (and my quilt is still not back from the States, about which more in future blogs!) and the colour combination this month isPink and Brown.

For this swap we are a very select group of 5 only (Tristan, Lenna, Debby, Caryl and I) who swap ATCs every month with a different colour combination which we have selected between the 5 of us. The ATCs received in this swap are simply the best!!

I decided to go with a very fabricy ATC this month, rather than a paper/fabric collage one. The ATC was started with a brown velvet background, ironed onto Fast2Fuse, and machine quilted. To this I added very vintage pink ribbon (bought on Ebay and hoarded for quite some time now). I find it very hard to part with such treasures but my fellow Colour Groupies are so worth it! To this I added images suitable for the various participants. All the images are from Divasdeste fabric collage sheets. I try and fit the images to the recipients.

Debby loves vintage children so The Child is Well was sent to her (the pink scrap just had to be added as it seemed to suit the child image,

while Lenna has recently married (recently compared to me that is, it will be 26 years in November for us!) and like me adores romance so the Pray to your husband text seemed made for her (but of course is not to be taken literally!!). The fabric heart was a must to go with this text and image. He had wanted her is for Tristan which whom I share a taste for vintage nudes (although this lady is quite decent!) and Caryl received A dancing Woman as it's her birthday this month!

All the images were sewn on. Then I oversewed each ATC with a transparent pink fabric to achieve a dreamy athmosphere. Pink hand sewing (running stitch), beads and sequins, as well as machine sewed on vintage text were also added to the mix.

Finally I ironed on a backing fabric onto the other side of the Fast2Fuse and the edges of each ATC were finished with pink buttonhole stitch by hand.

I also made an extra ATC for my 100 ATC project which is slowly edging its way to the completed 100 ATCs. This one is no. 91 and is called I cannot disobey. .Not exactly appropriate for me as I'm very good at disobeying all kinds of instructions but maybe the vintage lovely is better in that respect! This image is also from Divasdeste.


Lenna Andrews said...

So lovely to see all of these pink&brown fabricy creations together, Frieda! They really are luscious with the brown velvet, sheer pink and all the beading; you amaze me!

I do love mine. Yes, the words are funny but perhaps you have given me an idea on what to do when I really want something!!!

: ^ ) So happy to be in this exchange with you & the colour groupies, lenna

Janny said...

They are all gorgeous!


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