Saturday, 9 August 2008

Tea Pot Party

Time for another of my Alphastamps pieces. I had such fun making this one which became a lovely project to hand embroider outside while the sun was shining. Now sadly, a distant memory as when I look outside it really looks like it is November rather than August. Hopefully I will have caught the sunshine in my teapot!!

Start by making a template for your teapot. For this purpose, stamp the teapot from Alphastamps Alice Tea Party Clear Stamp set on paper, using Versafine, to get all the details as clearly as possible. Take this to your copy machine and copy it (follow the manufacturers’ instructions) till you end up with a size of teapot you like. Mine is 7.5" wide by 6" high.

Made 2 copies of this finished size teapot on paper. Pin one copy to red felt (all felt used is available from Alphastamps) and stitch around the outline as well as on all the lines dividing the different areas of the teapot. Use a colour of thread which you can see clearly. I used grey. Once you have traced all the lines by machine, tear away the paper.

Use the other template to cut out the various shapes on the teapot, trace these on different colours of felt, cut out the shapes and stitch them to the background teapot using matching threads.

Stamp the Rabbit and Alice, as well as the title: Tea Party (all from Alphastamps Tea Party Clear Stamp) onto muslin (calico if you live in the U.K.) and colour them in, using colouring pencils and colours of your choice. Cut the figures out leaving a small margin of muslin (calico) all around them. Applique them onto the teapot as shown, using a small buttonhole stitch.

Now it’s time for the handstitching. I used quite simple stitches such as buttonhole stitch, cross stitch, lazy daisies, running stitch, interlaced buttonhole stitch etc. If you’re not sure about your stitches I recommend getting a basic stitch book (my favourite is: Jan Eaton The Complete Stitch Encyclopedia)

Use threads which contrast with your background. You can use embroidery floss but my favourite is Colcoton (available in the U.K. here and in the US here). It’s originally from The Netherlands so I stock up when I’m there.
Add sequins and beads as shown or devise your own pattern.

When you have finished all your stitching, trace the reverse of your teapot template onto the paper side of Wonder-Under (Bondaweb in UK) and iron this onto the back of your teapot following the manufacturers’ instructions. Remove the paper backing. Add red felt and iron (with steam this time) to set. Once cool cut this backing felt to the size of your teapot.

Finally buttonhole stitch around the edges of your teapot in a thread of your choice.

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Lynne said...

I love this - you always come up with such unusual ideas!


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