Monday, 11 August 2008

Ties that bind

Some of you might have noticed the new button that has appeared in my sidebar recently. It signifies the start of a new project in support of ovarian cancer research and you can read all about it by clicking on that button. In short a group of artists will be involved in the creation of an art doll, whose top body (corset) will be decorated with hand-made charms and her skirt will consist of altered and decorated men's ties.

Being an artist working mainly in fabric I was asked to decorate one of the ties and although initially slightly daunted, once I started it was a lot of fun! First I was over the moon to discover a tie in John's cupboard which was the right size and also the right colour. Teal is the colour of the ovarian cancer ribbon and this tie came very close. I thought long and hard about what to decorate the tie with and thought about various ties. Of course the ties that bind human beings together can be many things but for me the most important one is love and marriage.

So I found one of my vintage postcards, in a quite sorry state but with a lovely couple. After some restorative work in Photoshops Elements the pair was printed out onto self-adhesive cotton sheet (from Crafty Computer Paper). They were layered on top of a vintage lace piece which was further adorned with a flower trim, pearl and seed beads, all in blue.

Underneath the couple I stitched a vintage ribbon with another vintage (and teal!) trim, both laced through a charm from LostArtCreations. These were layered on vintage blue lace, also with a blue pearl bead. I also added some flowers to the wedding bouquet. I found a suitable text: At sight of human ties, which was glued on. Finally I buttonhole stitched by hand along the edges of the tie and added a Swarowski crystal at the very bottom point of the tie.


kathy mc said...

This is grogeous. It will look lovely on the doll.

Karen Owen said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Frieda!

Judy Streger said...

Hello Frieda,
Christy Grant mentioned you in her blog today so I thought I'd pop over and see your art. I am blown away by your various projects. They are all exquisite. I especially like that you give an explanation as to how you conceived and made many of the items. I find that type of information invaluable as I am learning and, hopefully,growing in expertise. Thanks,
Judy Streger

Maija said...

Frieda, that tie is a gorgeous addition to the project! You are a fabric queen!

Janny said...

Beautiful things you made again, thanks fo sharing!

Lenna Andrews said...

This is very beautiful Frieda, and I am glad to know of the project. Your restored vintage photo and choice of John's ties is perfect!
: ^ ) lenna

purplepaint said...

Oh how cool! I just realized it's a tie! How clever!

Mixing-Katie said...

How lovely, Frieda! And what a great project. Sounds like these dolls will be spectacular!


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