Saturday, 13 September 2008

Another bracelet

I also finished the other bracelet I started during Laura McCabe's classes last weekend. This is the Crystal Starburst one which is in her book Creating Crystal Jewellery with Swarowski. It was a bit more work than the other one and it's far from perfectly done but when I'm wearing it, it does look pretty good to me. I played with the colours a bit and used previously acquired Swarowski crystals in addition to those in the kit and I also had to make the tab a bit longer as Laura is minute in statue and has the most amazing thin and elegant wrists! The scan does not do it justice at all as sparkles really confuse the scanner! Underneath is a photograph (not much better!) of me wearing it.

I feel like a naughty girl, skipping school, while working on these fun projects when what I should be doing is stitching and working on that To Do list and I have promised myself that I will leave it for a bit before I tackle one of the other kits I bought from Laura (oh yes, I was so very, very bad!!! but it does feel so good!!!!!)


Helen Cowans said...

Enjoy yourself being naughty :)

Lenna Andrews said...

Beautiful, Frieda! I think you should simply enjoy your naughtiness!


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