Friday, 12 September 2008

Blue Waves and Waves of Anger

First of all I was really taken aback to discover on my sitecounter that there have now been more than 25.000 visitors to this blog. I would not have believed it if I had been told this would happen when I first started. It's so amazing specially as blogging has also provided me with a great outlet for my art, my life and my occasionally wandering mind!

Thanks to everyone for visiting, you're simply the best!!!

I've done an article for the online magazine Quiltwow, edited by Maggie Grey. You have to be a subscriber to read the article but this is another great publication by Maggie, and everything else in it is well worth the read so I would urge you to subscribe if you are interested in quilting. I particularly enjoyed reading the interview in this latest September issue, with Alicia Merrett, a fellow "British" quilter. We were both born elsewhere but have landed and stayed here in the U.K.

In my article I describe how I've used Electric Quilt to design my stolen quilt Blue Waves as well as the replacement quilt I made entitled: Waves of Anger. It gave me quite a sense of deja vu, describing once again how Blue Waves disappeared from a town hall near Turin. It really seemed such a planned theft and you don't expect such a thing at all. Well I didn't at the time!! I'm pretty well ready for any unexpected surprises and/or shocks by now!!!

Looking at both quilts I will readily acknowledge that Waves of Anger is technically a better made quilt (just goes to prove that you do get more expert at things by practising!!) but Blue Waves has more soul and will to me at least remain the better one, and the one I prefer.

No idea if life and the universe will bring it back to me one day but I've not given up hope completely!!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Your anger quilt is very beautiful. I still cannot believe that the other one never resurfaced. I cannot believe people do things like that-especially with such personal treasures. If can never mean to them what it means to you.
chris p

Lenna Andrews said...

I would not give up hope completely, Frieda . . . both are beautiful quilts but I prefer the blue one as well. I just visited your PictureTrail Gallery and the close-ups are amazing. I guess all I can think (i always try for a positive spin) is that even though someone did something very wrong, you still got to create this and love this and no one can ever take that away from you. I don't know if it helps. i am sorry the quilt is gone.

WendyK said...

They are both fabulous quilts, and I prefer the blue one as well. I can't believe someone would steal it, how awful.
Your work is wonderful, and makes me want to do more fabris work.


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