Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Black and Beige ATCs

Our colour combination at the select Colour Groupies Yahoo Group for September is Black and Beige and although I did think at first this was a bit sombre, once I got going (quite some time ago now!) I discovered this combination was great for adding that touch of vintage. I used a black velvet, machine stitched background for these ATCs to which I added a torn square of fabric in various tints and shades of beige. I choose a variety of images to add to the ATCs, according to the tastes of Tristan, Lenna, Debby and Caryl. All these are from Bmuse and are in the shape of their wonderful fabrik-paper. Suitable text was found for each card and covered in sepia Accent. I added a vintage trim on the bottom, which was painted with gold Glimmer spray. Beige size 11 seed beads were added and the front was layered up with the same beige fabric as backing. The edges were finished with buttonhole hand stitching.

Of course I had to make one for my 100 ATC project too. It's no. 83, entitled: The thoughtful Face


Astrid Maclean said...

What a gorgeous set! The colour combination works perfectly!

Faye said...

Very beautiful. There is just something elegant about black and beige together.


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