Friday, 5 September 2008

Harrogate Quilt Show

The Great Northern Quilt Show is on at the moment and will last till Sunday. It takes place in Harrogate and normally I would be there but this weekend I''m doing 2 beading classes with Laura McCabe in Haddington, as well as having people coming over for a meal on Saturday night. No idea how this example of bad planning came about but I'm leaving John in charge!!

I had some great news from the show. My cushion Intimations of Immortality won the 1st Prize in the cushion section. This is the only UK quilt show which exhibits cushions and I try to take part every year as much as possible as I really enjoy making them, despite not being able to have them out on my own furniture at home as they would soon be covered completely in dog and cat hair!
This cushion travelled with the Riches of Stitches show last year when I also showed a picture ono this blog so this one is just a reminder.

My quilt Foxfires which won the European Quilt Championships back in 2006, also won a prize, this time the 2nd one in the theme section. The theme this year was A Hint of Sparkle, and was really the reason I entered the quilt as it was coming to the end of its exhibition life. It was so appropriate to the theme that I could not resist entering it into this show too.

All this made for a wonderful end to a week which began with a lot of worry about my Journal Quilt which got waylaid on its way to Houston and spend a week in a Parcelforce depot. Fortunately I was tracking it all the time and managed to contact Parcelforce and get things back on track. It arrived in Houston last Tuesday, taking 12 days for what should have been a 3 day trip. It's at times such as these that I realize just how much I'm attached to my work and how awful it would be to loose yet another quilt after the stolen Blue Waves one!!

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Colorfuldayz said...

Both of these peices are absolutely gorgeous! I love the range of colors, and the different textures on the cushion are yummy.


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