Thursday, 9 October 2008

2008 Christmas Card

Finally I finished another Xmas project using my Alphastamps goodies and this one will be my Xmas card this year for a special person (who does not read my blog regularly!). I might also upload the picture to Photobox and have Xmas cards printed from it.

I used a green, flocked with gold, A4 sized card which I folded in half to come up with an A5 sized card. The front was then stamped with the Alphastamps Round Madonna stamp and gold ink. Set that aside to dry.

I selected a piece of fabric/paper collage featuring stars and music and cut an 3" square from this to which I added the angel image (from Alphastamps Square Santa Sheet by stitching with gold thread. I also added the text Best Wishes for a happy Christmas (from Alphastamps 2" Border sticker sheet). The finished square was then added to a square of red felt (also Alphastamps) of 4" square, using a gold zigzag stitch. Gold size 11 seed beads were added by hand, using the holes made by the zigzag stitching. This felt square was stitched onto the card, using red stitching.

I selected a red ribbon (from Alphastamps 2" square Santa Ornament kit) , which was couched onto the card as shown, using gold zigzag stitching.


Lenna Andrews said...

Another beautiful piece, Frieda! I was very happy I could look at it close up and see all the details. The hand beading you do is one of my favorite things. The whole card has so much texture, I love it, even though Christmas is something I do not usually get excited about!!! ; 6 )

peggy gatto said...

Very effective use of stamping!
The card is elegant!


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