Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A lovely autumn day

I was going to regale you all with a Christmas card I made but I'm leaving that till tomorrow because today was such a beautiful late autumn day that I simply had to wonder around in the garden and take pictures to share the beauty with you all.

I received a beautiful card from Lenna today too, featuring one of her leaf paintings (you can read all about it on her blog here) and I also read her recent post about her autumn. It is so strange and wonderful to know that although we are separated by an entire ocean and many miles, we both live similar artistic lives, in love with our respective husbands, walking our dogs, enjoying the beauty which is all around us and of course making our art and sharing it with others and each other. Lenna and I have so far never met up face to face but we are such good friends!

What I miss most when I'm away is the simple pleasure of wondering around our garden and field, touching the trees, and discovering what has changed since I last did "the rounds", usually only the previous day. Because believe it or not, doing that every day you really notice the little and subtle changes in the plants, trees, flowers and even in the grass. And when I'm away, even for only a few days, so much seems to have changed and I know in my hearts of hearts that I would be quite happy never to leave the place again! Really quite strange for someone, who used to be much like a rolling stone, travelling all over the place and enjoying that so much at the time. It must be my age finally catching me out!

Today while the sun was shining I went hunting for the colour that is still left in the garden despite it being well into autumn now and with a few nightfrosts having come and gone. The spiraea, the sunflowers, the hydrangea, the cotinus, the autumn asters, the ash tree, the last lilies and one of our many cotoneasters together make a great medley of autumn. Enjoy!

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