Saturday, 11 October 2008

An away day beading

Julia Cameron in her book The Artists' Way prescribes having an away day every now and again but I think I'm going rather over the top lately! I had booked myself on a class to make a wirework embellished pendant with the Beadshop in Haddington in the morning and enjoyed it so much I also stayed on for the afternoon when we made a wirework coil link necklace.

Both classes were taught by Joan Gordon, the editor of the British Beads & Beyond magazine with great expertise. I sat with 4 other participants and by the end of the day we had really gotten to know each other, shared our supplies and admired each other's finished pieces.
I used a shell for the pendant see picture above) and could not resist hanging a fish charm onto it as it was too big to fit onto the pendant itself but I felt I looked great looking up at the shell.

Joan encouraged us during the afternoon class to do our own thing using the techniques she explained to us and I had a lot of fun adding Swarowski crystals. I really seem to have acquired a taste for them! They do sequins too and I can already see them appearing on a quilt or two! Sorry about the sparkle on both of the scanned pictures!

I must really get my nose to the grindstone now and start tacking my latest and very large (and I swore I would not do that again!!) quilt after this very pleasant interlude!


Gunnels blog said...

I have also read Julia Cameron´s books, so I see what you mean.
I took a twodaysclass for a months ago in PMC, and so fun it was!

Your class looks very fun !! And so do your work!

Lenna Andrews said...

So great you took another day away to play & create Frieda, and I love the results!

barbara burkard said...

magnificient!!! that fish BELONGED THERE!!! just lovely!!!


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