Monday, 6 October 2008

Home again

Photo above featuring Belfast City Hall and The Belfast Wheel published under this licence and obtained from Wikipedia

I arrived home from Belfast safely yesterday evening, although the flight was delayed for an hour, just like it was on the way out. You would have thought this might have persuaded Flybe to give all passengers a free coffee once onboard in the interest of customer relations, but no such luck!

I was sitting in Belfast City Airport lounge and looking up at the noticeboard I just had to laugh. In Edinburgh Airport it simply states Stay in Lounge when the aircraft is not yet ready for boarding but in Belfast it tells passengers to " Relax and Shop". That's just so Irish!!

The time in Belfast seemed to fly past but thanks to Christine and Martin who I stayed with, I managed to see quite a bit. Belfast city itself looked beautiful both at night and during the day. And the place where I was giving my talk and class, the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, is definitely worth visiting. I only saw a tiny fraction of it but just the old quilts in the cottages were really worth it!

We also went for a bit of a drive on Saturday afternoon although the weather was not too helpful as it rained non-stop. Needless to say during the day I was teaching the sun was shining!!

But the drive brought beautiful views of the sea, the lovely coloured houses which are a real Irish feature, a great lighthouse and some wonderful antique shops. It was a good thing that I was right at the edge of my weight allowance for the aircraft so I could not add anything to my suitcase but I so enjoyed looking! I did not take my camera either for that very reason but I've given you several links such as this one and the one above to explore yourself!


Helen Cowans said...

Flybe offer coffee!!!! Come on :)

It feels as if every flight I have ever taken with Flybe has been late / cancelled.... Out of four flights with the last year one was cancelled and three late!

Last time the plane was so small I hit my head on the over head luggage locker! I thought it was hilarious! Most of the time I can't even reach the locker on a plane!

Lenna Andrews said...

welcome home, Frieda! Thanks for the links to explore Belfast, it looks like a beautiful city. I hope you are resting up a bit now after teaching and traveling, and I hope your class was fun. yay for fabric ATCs!


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