Tuesday, 4 November 2008

An award from Helga

Helga Strauss, the owner of Artchixstudio, has given me the above award on her blog. How cool is that!

She has also tagged me to reveal 7 different things about myself which is not easy. I think those of you who read my blog regularly know me quite well already but here goes:

1. If I did not live in the Scottish Borders with a husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 chickens and a cockerel, I would love to reside in an apartment in a palace in Venice (who would not??!!)

2. I adore salty Dutch liquorice. In fact when I first arrived in the U.K. I had to wean myself off the stuff, but I still love it.

3. I would both die and kill for my dogs who are my no. 1 priority in life

4. John gave me a Craft Workbox for my birthday this year in yet another attempt to help me organize myself

5. I used to be a librarian and my star sign is Virgo, so you would think organizing myself would be natural for me but helas!!!

6. I stroke trees, specially the ones in our own garden, which we have nursed from a few inchies to now above our heads

7. I must have been a magpie in a previous existence as I can't get enough of glittery, shiny stuff, such as beads, chrystals, sequins, metal foil. As long as it sparkles, I want, nay in fact I need it!!


Anonymous said...

Ik zit hier net met een zakje dubbelzoute harinkjes-drop en ik wenste dat ik, in ruil voor je geweldige blog ,en je zeer gewaardeerde "how to`s",dit zakje naar je toe kon e-mailen.
Ik hoop dat er gauw eens iemand uit Nederland naar je toe komt met een flinke jaarvoorraad drop.
Vriendelijke groeten uit dropland.
No need for translations I guess.Most non-Netherlands folk get the creeps from imagining eating salty sweets like our liquorice.But really..they are very good and very,very addictive indeed..salty greetings,Donata

Gunnels blog said...

Nice to read more about you Frieda!


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