Thursday, 6 November 2008

Fabric Postcard A Long Farewell

I made a fabric postcard as a gift for someone today, because I (and my hands!) needed a bit of light relief from quilting. I used bits and pieces laying around my worktable and came up with this arrangement which turned out completely different from what I had in mind but which which I like all the same. The background is a jeans coloured piece of fabric which was layered with Fast2Fuse. The red lacy fabric was stitched on top as well as the red and green sandwich shown at the right. To them I added a red button with green stitching.

The image is in fabric and comes from Alphastamps Pre-Raphaelite Women collage sheet and was stitched down using a small red zigzag stitch. I beaded around it by hand, using a mix of green size 11 seed beads.

The small green buttons were also added as shown with red stitching and I found a suitable text:
Farewell, a long farewell, which seemed to go with her thoughtful look and the ships in the background.

I ironed on a backing fabric to the Fast2Fuse's other side and finished the postcard with red satin stitching around all the edges.

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