Thursday, 13 November 2008

Away in Limerick

I won't be posting anything to this blog till Tuesday of next week at the earliest as I'm away giving a talk and workshops in Limerick, Ireland. I'm flying off tomorrow with Ryanair which I'm hoping will be kinder to me than Flybe last month, when I went to Belfast, so fingers crossed.

Apart from looking forward to teaching my fabric ATC class twice this will also be a trip back in time as I used to live in Limerick for about a year and a half, in the early eighties of the last century (this makes me sound ancient!!!). No doubt lots will have changed as I discovered online that the street I used to live in is now a shopping centre (no cars allowed) and Limerick also seems to have acquired a ring road. But other things will be the same, such as Bunratty Castle (half way between Limerick and Shannon airport) and the neighboring pub Durty Nellies.

I indulged in some nostalgia today as I searched among my old photos for a picture to offer you on this blog and this is the one I found, with Bunratty castle outlined in the foreground (with Irish flag flying) and the mouth of the Shannon river. Hopefully I'll have some more pics when I return.

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