Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Amazing to think this is the last posting for 2008 and a New Year will soon be upon us. Fortunately we did not know what 2008 would bring with the addition of credit crunch to the vocabulary and the disappearance of Woolworth from the British High Street. Who would ever have thought it!

Will 2009 be the year our planet will be hit by an asteroid, the occurance of a super volcano exploding, another tsunami, or will the year gently slide past to find us reminiscing about it a year from now??

I know only one thing for sure. I will continue to make art while I can!! And share it with all my wonderful online friends.

Above is my ATC no. 37 (from my 100 ATC project) to wish you all the very best and whatever else you wish for in 2009.

We will spend the last hours of 2008 indulging in gluttony, thanks to my niece Marieke, who visited us last Sunday and brought with her the ingredients to make "oliebollen", a very traditional Dutch delicacy with artery zapping capacity, as it's made by frying dough balls. The work "oliebol" literally translates as oilball but you could also call it grease ball, and you would not be far wrong!! I can still remember making this at home in Holland using really greasy oil. I did use sunflower oil now so that I can pretend it's not quite so fattening or unhealthy (ha, ha!!) and the ready made mix also made it a lot less messy. But I can report they taste just the same, a little taste of nostalgia, really so suitable for this evening. In fact, they are only consumed in The Netherlands at this time of the year! After frying they are bathed in icing suger. Sorry I can't give you the taste but the picture is above!

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