Thursday, 1 January 2009

Oh La La ATCs (contains vintage nudes, be warned!)

I finished my cards for the Oh La La ATC Swap I'm hosting on the ATCsforAll site last year (yesterday in actual fact!). This is a swap for anything which might bring those words to your lips so could be vintage nudes (as in my case) but also other things. Most cards I have received so far, do seem to favour the nudes, though!

These are the 3 I made for the swap. The background is gold lame fabric which was ironed onto Fast2Fuse and free machine quilted with gold thread. After this I cut out the ATC sized pieces and stamped them with the Corsets stamp from the Paris stamp sheet from Oxford Impressions. You can't see it all too clearly but the word corsets can be seen, depending how the light falls on the cards (a bit like a hologram). I used brown Versacraft ink for the stamping.

I then added fabric images from Alphastamps Nudes #2 collage sheet and covered the entire cards with red sparkly net, to give the ladies a bit of a covering. Another fabric (red in this case) was ironed onto the other side of the Fast2Fuse and the edges finished with gold satin stitching. Finally words were added and in the case of the Legs ATC images from Paris.

I also made one for my 100 ATC project, which is no. 98 and called Adieu. Again the fabric image is from Alphastamps Nudes #2 sheet. And yes, I have made no. 97 too but won't upload that one till later!


augus said...

I saw your blog, look at mine I think you'll like,
I hope that we keep in communication, greetings and congratulations

Lenna Andrews said...

"...And yes, I have made no. 97 too but won't upload that one till later!"

oh, you are a tease, Frieda!!!
: )Seriously cannot wait to see the wrap up of your 100 ATC project . . .

xo happy new year!


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