Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Journal Quilt 2008 December

Amazingly I've finished my last Journal Quilt for this year. I made one every month for the Contemporary Group of the Quilters' Guild and all were dedicated to Venice this year.

When I started in January I was worried about the square 12 x 12" format (I much prefer vertical quilts) as well as wondering if I could come up with 12 different quilts about Venice. Now I know that I could easily make 24 on the subject and I have the feeling that even more would not be out of the question.

It's a bit ironic that I have finally managed to make a record of my Venetian travels more than 30 years after they took place, but I guess better late than never. Sadly I never got around to a return visit this year, but I'm certainly not giving up hope that I will get there some time in the future!

For this last quilt I decided to make a Journal Quilt that looks like a postcard, with a map of Venice in the centre, surrounded by snapshots of pictures featuring gondolas. Both the map and pictures are vintage and were printed onto self-adhesive cotton sheets (from Crafty Computer Paper). I layered up Vilene pre-printed with a grid (so I could keep the lines straight!), wadding (batting) and backing fabric. I adhered the images as shown and then used one of my decorative stitches on the sewing machine to stitch across all the edges on the surface. I also added size 11 blue seed beads around the map image to frame it.
For once I've finished the edges of the JQ by satin stitching, rather than applying a binding as I wanted to loose as little as possible of the images.
I'm planning to put all these Venetian JQs together to make one large quilt but that's for the future.
The Contemporary Group will be doing the JQs again next year but in a different size. It will be interesting to see what they come up with and whether or not I can persuade myself to do it again. Will let you know in due course!

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