Saturday, 13 December 2008

Blue and Gold ATCs

The last colour combination for our (Lenna, Debby, Caryl , Tristan and I) Colour Groupies monthly ATC exchange is blue and gold. It seems amazing that we've been doing this for a year now, but the good news is that we're doing it all over again next year, of course with new colour combinations. We've got the list already and a lot of food seems to have made it onto the list (such as lemon and lime, olive, mustard etc)! Must mean we're all greedy for more. I'm already looking forward to it.

But for this month it was more of a glittering affair in honour of Christmas, Hannukah, MidWinter Solstice or whatever it is that you want to celebrate.

The first two were made when I produced the ATCs for the Marie Antoinette Swap (see this blog post) and I was a bit over-enthousiastic! By great good fortune I had used gold lame fabric as the background and a blue fabric with the Marie Antoinette picture on top, so they fitted the colour scheme perfectly. The transparencies of flower and fleur-de-lys are from Paperwhimsy.

For the other two I used the same gold lame quilted background but on top I added transparencies (from Altered Pages). Quite simple really but I really liked these ATCs so I also made one for me to keep for my 100 ATC project (now almost done!). This one is no. 96, called Ahoy, and again this transparency is from Altered Pages.

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