Tuesday, 2 December 2008

More snow pictures and another award!

As promised I'm showing you more pictures of the snow surrounding Macbiehill. Even more has fallen since these were taken and it was a real struggle to get out of our lane by car today.

Here are two pictures taken from almost the same spot along the old railway path where I walk the dogs and I was playing with the rule of thirds, on one pic putting the horizon line 1/3 from the top (see above) and on the other 1/3 from the bottom (see below). Still not sure which I prefer!

Here is the actual path and if you are really eagle eyed, you can spot some deer in the distance. I think I can only see them because I know they're there somewhere!

Also many thanks must go to Angie who nominated my blog for the above award and left some lovely comments about it too. Thanks so much, Angie!

1 comment:

Jude said...

Eagle-eyed! we got our binoculars out and still couldn't see them... we believe you! Lovely pics and I like the first one more.


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