Sunday, 28 December 2008

Toast and Visitors

I always find the days between Christmas and the New Year sort of the dog days of the year. Not much happens and the weather is also indeterminate. Darkness comes early and it's best to stay close to the fire!!

But today it was somehow different. First of all I started the day with toast. Nothing new there, this is how I start every day but today it was topped with very special jam which arrived in a lovely surprise package from my very good friend Lenna, from the place where she worked in December for the busy holiday season: Stonewall Kitchen. Yum, yum, yum, such a lovely gesture and superb jam!!

Then my niece and her friends were over here in Scotland to celebrate Hogmanay and were in for coffee this morning and are now on their way to Fort William. We don't get many Dutch visitors and it was lovely to see them.

Also this afternoon we suddenly spotted a pheasant visiting our garden. He did not even seem to mind when I opened the door and slowly creeped closer with my camera. Such gorgeous colours!

Finally most of you know that I'm a member of the Alphastamps Design Team and Leslie, the enthousiastic owner of Alphastamps, is giving away lots of glorious goodies if you leave a comment on the Alphastamps Blog here! Go on, give it a go, after all someone will win and it might just be you!!

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Lenna Andrews said...

I love this photo. It made me laugh -ha! The plate the toast is on is very special ideed I think, and the SWK Holiday jam is my fave! (I spy a cranberry there!) I got a big smile out of this post, thank you Frieda & happy new year with lots of creativity abounding.
love, lenna


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