Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Colourful Artchix Twinchies

While the cold shimmered on outside I retreated to my studio to make twinchies for an Artchix Studio swap. We could make either 6 or 12 and as there are wonderful twinchies in the photoalbum of the Yahoo Artchix Group already, which I would love to receive in return, I went all out and made the full 12.

The only requirement was that we used images from one of the Artchix Studio sheets dedicated to colours and apart from one twinchie, which uses an image from Tangerine Travels, all my inchies use images from Happy Yellow.

I used backgrounds left over from various fabric/paper collages, cut to 2 x 2" size and layered them them felt. I then glued on the images and overlaid the twinchies with the transparency images (from Enchanted Garden Artchix Studio sheet) , mostly covering the twinchies completely and sometimes partially only. I looked in my quotation books for suitable texts which were vintaged up with gold metallic rub-on. I added watercolour paper to the back of the twinchies and zigzag stitched around the edges with gold thread.

To my immense surprise John took a look at them and for the first time ever he insisted that I keep one which you can see underneath. So I made another one to swap and this one, called In her Grave, will remain here. I must add that it was also my favourite although I had not mentioned that to him at all and I was already having palpitations about sending it away. What a great co-incidence!


Gunnels blog said...

These are so very beautiful!

Janny said...

Gorgeous work!


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