Thursday, 5 February 2009

A more detailed view

By popular demand (!) here are a few close-ups of the Artchix Twinchies which I posted yesterday as some people wanted to have a better view of them. I'm still busily beading my quilt today, while outside yet more snow is coming down in a steady stream.
It's very cosy sitting inside looking out and Scotland is a lot better at dealing with these sort of conditions as "them in the south" (overheard in a shop) but nevertheless I'm just happy to stay put and admire it from the warmth of our home.

1 comment:

Lenna Andrews said...

gorgeous! i really love these, frieda. it's hard to imagine they are just 2" x 2"! thank you for the closer look and i am glad you are cozy by the fire : ^ ) lenna


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