Friday, 13 February 2009

Rosie ring bracelet

I've been working away like a maniac on some Alphastamps artwork which I will be sharing with you in future blogs. I needed my bead board for this so it made sense to finish what was on the board first, specially as it was almost done. The pattern for this bracelet is by Laura McCabe and was published in the recent Dec/Jan issue of the Beadwork Magazine. Laura also sells all you need to make the bracelet on her website but in order to get the instructions you will need to buy a copy of the magazine. It's really beautiful and I'm rapidly becoming a beadweaving addict!

Strangely enough I deeply enjoy making these pieces of jewellery but you won't see me wearing them a lot. First of all I don't want to snag them on my quilting work nor do I want them to get in the way when I'm teaching and dragging suitcases, quilt displays, laptops and computers around the place. In fact I really only have them on when I go to the beadshop in Haddington (to show off!) or just go out without doing anything, a rare occasion. But making them gives me the same sort of satisfaction I get from putting together an IKEA flatpack. The satisfaction of having solved the riddle of the instructions, I suppose. My recently acquired table was a case in point and I was really sorry when that was done although it's great to have the table to work on! So what I'm really trying to say is that more kits will be needed, jewellery rather than IKEA!!
Finally for those of you who also want to send things quilt related to Australia (see my previous post here), a word of advice. It is a lot cheaper to mail 2 lighter weight parcels there, rather than one heavy one. Ask at your local Post Office or online for further information. My parcel is on its' way with books, thread and fabric and that is how I know!!!


peggy gatto said...

Stunning work! The time and care you put into this bracelet is evident!!!!

peggy gatto said...



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