Thursday, 12 February 2009

More cold pictures combined with a warm request!

I really can't remember when we last had snow laying on the ground for such a long time, it has been weeks now and still there is even more snow falling from the skies onto a thick layer already there, so here are more pictures for you to feast your eyes on.

The first one is of all the snow on our picnic table which is blue. I reminds me so much of a yummy icecream wafer with one of the wafers missing on the top. You just want to start licking it, but this is one treat which would last for ever to finish!! And probably not taste all that nice either, taking pollution into account.

And here is a side view of the potting shed, whose door we have been unable to open for over a week as it's frozen solid.

The birdbath looks so scenic with a load of snow onto of a frozen puddle of water, but at least the birds are not short of something to drink and we're making sure they have plenty to eat at well, by filling our feeders with seed and nuts every day!

Australian Bush Fires Quilt Appeal

All these cold pics are such a contrast with the sad conditions in Victoria, Australia. I'm sure you will all have seen the news about people losing everything there in the firestorms and escaping with just the clothes they're wearing, and having to witness the appalling scenes of dead people and animals. As a quilter I can only just imagine what it must be like to loose your entire stash of fabric, books and magazines and in the entire disaster that is what speaks to me personally the most but thanks to the message from quilter Jenny Bowker on her blog here, I can at least do something about that part of this disaster.

I would encourage all my readers to go to this post on her blog and maybe help too in whatever way you can. I'm sure we can all do without some of that fabric pile stashed away here, there and everywhere, and help out!!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Thanks for the information.
I'm putting together a package of fabrics right now.
Since we had our own disaster this year (water rather than fire) I woulnd't be much help with paper goods requests - but fabric I can do!


Lyn said...

Hi Frieda, Thanks for letting us know about this, I will send a fat quarter and post something on the Keswick Embroiderers' Guild blog so more ladies might contribute too. Lyn


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