Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Theatre francais

Another theatre had to be produced to answer my obligations as an Alphastamps Design Team member and this time I set myself a challenge too i.e. no fabric!! It might be called Theatre francais but this one looks to me like a peaceful piazza somewhere in Italy, but there was no suitable text on our collage sheets so Theatre francais it had to be.

Here are the instructions:

Paint the outside of the top and bottom side of the Diorama box with Rangers Distress Crackle Paint (colour Broken China) and let dry.

Also paint the inside of the buttom of the box with the same paint and let dry.

Cut out the background from Alphastamps Portrait Small Theatre francais #423 and glue to the inside of the bottom of the box. Cut out the curtains from the same AS collage sheet as above and glue to the inside of the top of the box so that the curtains show in the glass opening.

Cut out the top featuring the Theatre francais name and glue it to the outside of the top of the box.

Cut out 2 figures from the Portrait Small Theatre Guignol AS collage sheet and glue them onto the sides of the front of the box as shown.

Finally cut out the image of the couple from AS Art Deco Pierrot #1 collage sheet and adhere to the inside of the box as shown, using 2 pieces of double sided black tape.

© Frieda Oxenham 15.12.2008


Dana W. Fisher said...

Hello Frieda,
I absolutely adore these little theatres you've been making! Mine is a theatre family. My first career was as an actress, my husband is a director, author,professor, and the head of the theatre department at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro, and our daughter is also a director and the management assistant at the Huntington Theatre in Boston. I've made one theatrical quilt for my husband called "Improvizo!" inspired by his love of the commedia del'arte. I enjoy reading your blog. Hope you aren't snowed in!
all the best,

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

nice, Fireda! This is very pretty.

It certainly sounds substantially easier and faster than the way I build my theatres. LOL

I will have to get a couple of these pieces and see if I can use them for additions!


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