Tuesday, 31 March 2009

11th Collage Exchange

And sometimes good things even come in fourths! Today was also the opening day of the 11th Collage Exchange, where work from 121 artists gets exchanged. We all made 13 collages of which 11 will be swapped. One is exhibited and will go to a permanent collection in due course and one is for sale. Artists came from all over the world although I seem to be the only one from the UK this year.
You can read about my collages by clicking on the Collages label (see the very bottom of this blog) but I'm showing you two here. All of mine were dedicated to the Edwardian actress Marie Studholme, as are my Journal Quilts this year.

First of all above is the one which is on show at the moment in the Puke Ariki gallery in New Zealand. The exhibition runs from the 28th March till the 2nd May, and can also be seen online in the Virtual Tart gallery, run by Dale Copeland who organizes the Collage Exchanges.

And here is the page with my collage which is actually for sale (only $70!). Picture above.

Have a look at the homepage too where you can navigate to both the sales pages as well as the exhibit pages where there are some beautiful collages to be seen. I've already bought one myself but I'm keeping that one under wraps for the moment as I haven't even paid for it yet!

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Jude said...

I do like both of those, the colours are gorgeous,


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