Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Good things come in threes

This might be a common saying but it doesn't actually happen all that often, at least in my experience, although today was definitely such a moment. My work was published in 3 different places. My Thistle Symbol quilt can be seen on Placebook Scotland, one of my Artblast cards is on the homepage of the Artchix Studio Yahoo group and my ATC on the theme of More Dollars than Sense was published in the latest issue of the ATCquarterly magazine (issue 14), which arrived today. It can also be seen on their website and you can read about how I made it here. The picture of it in the magazine can be seen above.


Quilted Librarian said...

Well done, Frieda! The thistle quilt is fantastically unique and I'm fascinated by the artist trading cards.

Ronna said...

Loved your Dollars & Sense card! Thanks Frieda!!


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