Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Antoinette Necklace

This was the final piece I made with my copper jewellery goodies from Alphastamps and my own favourite as it features one of my lovely ladies, this time one from the Alphastamps 20 Beauties Collage sheet but she would fit in very well with my own vintage postcard collection.

She immediately reminded me of Marie Antoinette, hence the name of the necklace.
Here are the instructions to make the necklace:

1.Cut a strand of Soft Flex Fine beading wire approx. 20” long.

2. String the beading wire through a gold coloured crimp bead, then through the look of one end of your toggle clasp, back through the crimp bead and crush the crimp bead close to the clasp, using a crimping plier. Cut off excess tail.

You’re now ready to start stringing your necklace.

Alternate a blue pony bead with a brown size 4mm pearl 10 times.
String a blue pony bead, copper swirled puff oval (Eebeads), blue pony bead, 6mm faceted gold stone bead (Eebeads), blue pony bead, copper dotted spacer (Eebeads), 4mm blue pearl (Alphastamps), copper dotted spacer, blue pony bead, 6mm faceted gold stone bead, blue pony bead, striped copper spacer (Eebeads), 6mm blue pearl (Alphastamps), striped copper spacer, blue pony bead, copper dotted spacer, 4mm blue pearl, copper dotted spacer, blue pony, copper swirled puff oval (Eebeads), blue pony bead, 4 mm faceted gold stone bead, flower bead cap (Alphastamps), 6mm blue pearl, flower bead cap, 4mm faceted gold stone.

String pendant (for information see below) and finish the other side of the necklace in mirror fashion. At the end repeat step 2.

Antoinette Pendant

Cut out the fleur-de-lis from Alphastamps mini Paris collage sheet, glue to small round pendant with Diamond Glaze and use the Glaze to add size 15mm seed beads around the edges. Add a small touch of blue colourant to Inkssentials Sepia Accents and fill the pendant, let dry.
Cut out french postcard shape from Paris collage sheet and glue into the large oval pendant, add the Antoinette face transparency (from Alphastamps 20 Beauties sheet), cut to the same shape and glue on top. Add a pale gold border with Krylon leafing pen.
Add 3D Crystal Lacquer and let dry.

Using a 3” length of copper wire, make a wrapped loop going through the end of the small pendant, string 1 blue pony bead, 1 copper swirled puff oval (Eebeads), 1 blue pony bead and make a wrapped loop going though the bottom loop of the large pendant. Make sure your small and large pendant face the same way!
Add a large jumpring to the top loop of your pendant and use this to string the pendant as described above.

© Frieda Oxenham, 14.2.09


Ellen said...

Love your Marie necklace and your so kind to put the instructions on your blog.Thanks for th inspiration !!

Becs said...

Hey Freida, you are one amazing woman! How exciting to be that talented and win awards world wide! Your things are beautiful! Becs

A Beaded Affair said...

Beautifully made. I adore copper. Nice work.

Gunnels blog said...

your neckace are so wonderful !!

Jaqi said...

Wow, stunning, well done, you have been busy this is lovely Jaqi

Sugar and Spice Art Confections said...

Frieda~ That is gorgeous! AND it is making me want to get out my supplies and try this art form. I got the stuff for Christmas and haven't found the time to play with it yet!
Rebecca aka pumpkincoach on Marie site

Lenna Andrews said...

your necklaces are beautiful, Frieda! You make me want to get my beads out and make one :) lenna


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