Thursday, 12 March 2009

ATC no. 100

At last!! I have finally finished my final ATC in the 100 ATC project. It took a lot longer than I have envisaged but it has been done. The plan originally was to make an ATC every week which would have meant it would have taken just under 2 years to finish the 100 but although I made a good start back on the 25th of May 2006 (long before my blogging days!) I did get busier and busier, the ATCs started getting behind, and it's now almost 3 years later. Above you can see my very first ATC, finished on that day and called Be Square. Unusually for me it has a horizontal or landscape orientation. It is also out of the ordinary as it uses a male image.

Most of my ATCs were vertical although I have tried to vary it a bit. I'm simply more comfortable working vertically. Most of my large quilts have the same orientation.

And here is the final ATC. No 100 and called Marie Studholme as the ATC features a picture of this Edwardian actress, which I have manipulated digitally to make it emerald in colour. The background is blue velvet and was machine quilted using silver thread and one of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine. At the top left I added a transparent ribbon with beaded leaf embellishment and at the bottom left, next to Marie's image a blue vintage velvet flower (from LostArtCreations) that was further embellished with beads. The edges were finished with blue satin stitch, which is how most of the 100 cards were finished. The 100th ATC was finished on the 20th February 2009.

I made the same card for most of the Colour Groupies Blue/Green theme this month with one exception about which more in the near future!


Lenna Andrews said...

oh frieda,
I am not sure how to accurately say how happy I feel for you about this project! What a wonderful accomplishment! One day, I found the slide show at the very bottom of your blog and was mesmerized watching all the beautiful small works of art from your 100 ATC project go by. You have so inspired me that I am going to start a 100 series of small collages very soon! Like you, I am not going to set a time limit this time . . . I am simply going to have a goal and work towards it as I can, no matter what life throws my way.

Thank you, again, for your continued friendship and inspiration! with love, lenna

Vivika Hansen DeNegre said...

Lovely blog, Freida. I have to admit I think that first ATC is so charming... I've don a number with pictures of men from my family, too. It does feel good, I bet, to reach that #100 goal. What is the next challenge?



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