Saturday, 18 April 2009

Another sign of Spring

I'm definitely not the only one with Spring on my mind. All the birds here at Macbiehill are definitely in the mood too and this is a wonderful example of a blackbird nest. You can only see two of the eggs but in fact there are 4 and I snatched a quick moment when mommy bird left the nest for a few minutes to catch a quick snack. The nest is just so beautifully build and constructed.

There are many more nests in the garden, hidden in shrubs and trees but I don't like to disturb the birds too much. This one is in plain sight in our courtyard and had to be fenced off by John so that Troi, the greyhound can't get anywhere near it as I would not trust her with young birds at all. Hopefully we will manage to get through this time safely as my bird book tells me blackbirds can produce up to 3 lots of eggs every Spring!

The blue of the eggs reminded me I had finished another necklace from Laura McCabe's book Creating Crystal Jewellery with Swarovski. This time is the Art Nouveau one and I made it in a selection of purple/pink and blue + silver. Quite a shiner!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I didn't know that blackbird eggs were blue - what a wonderful photo you snapped!

and your necklace is awesome - you're something else! you're like the energizer bunny - you just never stop making beautiful things!

Katamommy said...

One of the ducks from our neighborhood park came and laid eggs in our yard! lol

That necklace is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! I love sparkly things! lol


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