Friday, 17 April 2009

Spring Clean

Spring is traditionally the time to do some cleaning.
Sadly I never get the urge to clean the house, I leave that till it becomes an emergency or my mother comes to visit (perhaps that's actually the same thing!!), but today I really felt it was time to give this blog another look just to celebrate the arrival of a new season. And that's also why I'm posting this picture of our beautiful mahonia blossom, which looks like a shining light in the garden.
Yellow is such a beautiful, warm, cheerful and bright colour and my absolute favourite!


Katamommy said...

Wow, do we have the same views on cleaning! lol Your mahonia blossom is beautiful, happy Spring!

Jude said...

Beautiful mahonia.
Well done on the spring clean, I think I need it too.
There's no 'sadly' about it,I have the same feelings about cleaning as you.. when it's needed! Much more interesting things to do...

Lenna Andrews said...

love your posts, Frieda. And the new 'spring' look for your blog!
just yummy!


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