Wednesday, 22 April 2009

How does your Garden grow Quiltie

Time for another of my Alphastamps projects. Leslie, the owner of Alphastamps, asked if I wanted to do something with her new range of beads and embellishments and as you can imagine I did not have to think long!
Text Colour
When the envelope arrived it was marvelous to see it all come rolling out, what a horn of plenty! I made lots of things all of which you will get to see on this blog eventually but as I was also working on samples for my workshops on quilties (now all done!) the very first thing I produced was this quiltie.

Here are the instructions:

Cut a 4” square from 9 different flower fabrics. Sew 3 x 3 squares together in rows and sew the rows together.
Layer with wadding (batting) and backing fabric and free machine quilt using a variegated thread.
When finished cut to a 10” square.

Sew on the images (from Alphastamps Quite Contrary #2 fabric sheet), using the same variegated thread and a mixture of straight and zig-zag stitching.
Also sew on the 3 flower postage stamps as shown and the Mistress Mary text (from Alphastamps Quite Contrary #1 fabric sheet).

Before adding the embellishments, sew on the binding which is a ½” transparent green ribbon on 3 sides and a slightly larger green transparent ribbon with leaf pattern for the bottom side.

Sew on the leaf ribbon (Alphastamps) by hand as shown.

Now add the embellishments (all available at Alphastamps) as shown, also by hand and using a strong beading thread such as Silamide.

Finally add the 3 green leaf pins (Alphastamps) by sticking them through the fabric.

© 5.4.09 Frieda Oxenham


Katamommy said...

This is beautiful and look, instructions! lol I'll definitely save this tutorial for the future! Have a great day!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Frieda, Frieda, Frieda.

This is just wonderful!

I'm so glad there's an image to click and enlarge - so many details I would have missed!

I never thought about using silk ribbon as binding - what a clever idea!

Your silk ribbon stems and tiny leaves are beautiful and so well done!

Whenever I see one of your new pieces - or receive a piece in the mail, I am so inspired to get back to my first love - art quilts! Your work is so enchanting and magical!


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