Saturday, 25 April 2009

Stay and Die Quiltie

I'm slowly uploading all the samples I made with the wonderful selection of beads, charms and other embellishments that I received as a Design Team Member for Alphastamps and as I have also finished my quiltie classes another quiltie can be revealed. It's a more subdued one that the one uploaded some posts ago but it does show off the beads, and specially the leaves very well.

Of course there are instructions and here they are:

Stay and Die Quiltie

Finished size: 9.5”

Cut a 10” square from green vine fabric (all fabrics are from Country Manor for Timeless Treasures fabric collection) and layer up with batting (wadding). Hand quilt in running stitch using the lines in the fabric as a guide line. Couch on crinkly green yarn, as shown, using a machine zig-zag stitch.
Add the fabric image (Alphastamps Ophelia #1) with zig zag stitching.
Using WonderUnder (Bondaweb), iron an area from another Country Manor fabric with blue flowers (the same fabric as I used for the binding) . Cut out the blue flowers, remove the paper backing of the Wonder-Under (or Bondaweb in UK) , and position the flowers along the green couched yarn as you like. Iron (with steam!) to attach the flowers permanently.
Hand stitch the lines in the centre of each flower, and add french knots in a yellow thread as well as one size 11 seed bead in the center of the flowers.

Again using Wonder-Under (Bondaweb) as described above, cut out 3 large leaf shapes and iron into position around the image as shown. Also stitch them down by machine using gold thread.
Add the fabric text (from Alphastamps Juliet collage sheet) by zigzag stitching by machine.
Using Silamide or another strong beading thread add the dragonfly beads, and the green and copper butterflies.
Sew on the leaf beads with a green size 11 seed bead. If you don’t want to leave the position of the leaves to chance, also glue them in place with Diamond Glaze.
Add the pink, blue and mauve flowers as shown using a larger green bead to hold them in place. Sew these on individually, tying the thread at the back. Add more green beads as shown, using the fabric as your guide.
When finished, trim the piece to finished 9.5” square size. Cut a backing fabric 1” larger on all sides (11.5”square) and iron to the back using Wonder-Under (Bondaweb) and the wrong sides of the fabrics together.
Fold the 1” border in helf and then fold over to the front and stitch down with a transparent thread on all 4 sides.

© Frieda Oxenham 20.3.09

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Lenna Andrews said...

I love this Ophelia image from Alpha Stamps, Frieda, and I love how you have incorporated all the delicious new flowers and beads. What a treat for this April morning! You have lucky, lucky students who get to see this up close.

: ) lenna


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