Sunday, 31 May 2009

Golden Rain

It's still like we're in the tropics and I suppose because this sort of weather is so unusual here in the Scottish Borders we appreciate it all the more.

It has also send everything in the garden off on a growing spurt and lots of things seem to suddenly jump into flower. Every day now I discover new treasures. One of these and my most loved tree in our entire garden (with approx. 300 trees) is the one laburnum tree which stands by our entrance gate. Most years a late frost means that we get a few flowers at best and we have had years with no flowers at all.

But this year with a very dry Spring and no late frosts to spoil its blossom, it is really putting on a wonderful show because this tree is a true beauty when it displays all it has to give.

In Dutch this tree is known as Gouden Regen which translated into English means Golden Rain and that is exactly what it looks like, little drops of gold falling down its trunk. I know it won't last long and you also have to be careful as all its parts are poisonous but with this much lusciousness I can forgive it these small faults and I simply wallow in its sheer exuberance!

And if you wondering where my May Journal Quilt is, I can honestly say it has been finished but I'm saving it for a rainy day posting!


Maggi said...

Holy smokes, that tree is GORGEOUS and those flowers are amazing! I'm so glad the weather made an exception so that you could have these beautiful things to admire!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

how lovely!

I"ve never seen one so big! (I think our weather is too severe and they don't live very long here)

gorgeous pics!

Kim said...

I'm blog hopping and found your blog and the delicious floral photos you post. LOVE them. I, too, wish blogger had a smell button. Lilly of the valley is one of my most favorite flowers, and definitely my favorite scent. The "golden rain" tree is gorgeous. I'm discovering lots of new flowering trees, bushes and plants here but do miss some of my favorites from the U.S. -- haven't found a lilac yet. Opposite seasons and all mean we're entering winter but I'm amazed that my roses are still blooming! I just can't get over that. It will be fun to see just how long they bloom :-)


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