Friday, 19 June 2009

Circles, Spots and Dots

I knew this article was coming one of these days (I wrote it last year) but it was still a wonderful surprise to get my most recent issue (No. 60) of the Fabrications, Quilting For You, Magazine and see that my article was published but not just that, my quilt actually made it to the front cover! It looks great there!

The article gives full instructions on how to make your own version of Circles, Spots and Dots, one of my very large quilts, which was made entirely of fabrics with, you guessed it, spots and dots on it. I designed it using Electric Quilt 6, a computer quilt design program, which saved an awful lot of time with producing the templates and playing with the various colour ways.

The quilt is travelling with Grosvenor Exhibitions at the moment so if you're in the U.K. you might see it at one of their quilt shows. The quilt won a Special Merit Rozette last year at the National Quilt Championships in Sandown (in June) and it also won the 1st Prize, Large Wallhangings section, at the Scottish Quilt Championships, Sept. 2008.

I hardly need add that I still have enough spotty fabrics left to make another large quilt (or 10!!)


theresa martin said...

Congratulations Frieda! It looks incredible there on the cover. Well done!

Maggi said...

Oh wow that quilt makes a great cover model! lol Congrats on the article finally coming out and for the cover! That quilt is terrific!

Helen Cowans said...


Lenna Andrews said...

oh Frieda, it looks wonderful on the cover!!!!!!! COngratulations, what fun! : ) lenna

Debby said...

Congrats Frieda! Great article.

Rosalind said...

Congratulations :o)
Love the colours of your quilt!

Annette Bruton said...

Great to see your work on the cover of Fabrications Frieda. Would love to see it in real life. Are you having this in your exhibition?


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