Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Miss Piggie

Another of my Alphastamps projects that I made with the kit I received as a member of the Alphastamps Design Team, has been floating around my desk for ages so it's about time I showed her to the world. She definitely is a bit of light-hearted fun and I did enjoy making her although dolls are most definitely not my thing. I had not given her a name but after the recent expenses scandal involving our so called Honourable Members (of the British Parliament) Miss Piggie suddenly came to mind so she has been baptized!

Behind what you can see is a chipboard (that's cardboard to all of you in the U.K) Maya doll form, which I have cut back a lot so that nothing of it would be on show around her neck area. She has been adorned with face, hat and shoes from the Get Dressed and Doll Parts sheets from Alphastamps, and the pigs face and trousers are from Funny Arms and Legs sheet.

The pig body as well as her dress are from the Alice in Wonderland doll sheet which is available from Alphastamps (although not produced by them). The text: Happy like a pig in manure!, has been added by Dymowriter on transparent tape.


Maggi said...

This is a very fun and creative project! I'm so glad you finally introduced her, lol!

Debby said...

This is awesome. She is really lovely.


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