Friday, 24 July 2009


My previous two dogs (both girls) were very good friends and always shared a bean bag together and in fact were joined on that by 3 cats as well.

But my present day boy Rueben and greyhound girl Troi are not quite so cosy. Troi, the greyhound has a huge bean bag (largest in the world, according to the producers!) of which she is the sole mistress. She will tolerate Brush, our only remaining cat, on this as long as he does not get in the way of her long, spindly legs and she prefers to be stretched out on this full length.

However she also considers all other baskets (of which there are 3 in our open plan living, dining and kitchen room) to be hers whenever she wants them.
This leads to a conflict with our boy, who really does not see why he should have to make way for her, so he obstinately stays put whenever she tries to muscle in. Mostly she gives up, but sometimes she simply marches in and lies down!! Not too much fun as she weighs a full 10 kg more at a heftly 27 kg!!

You can see his long suffering and her smug look!! I managed to catch them on camera quickly which was just as well as he gave up the unequal struggle after a minute or so!!!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

heh heh - that's why we can only have one dog - Dusty will put up with NO interlopers!

Maggi said...

Wow, a woman who knows what she wants! Poor Rueben! lol

Debby said...

LOL...Amazing to watch them, isn't it. I love both my puppies, but the Girl or Bad Girl as I like to call her is the boss.

Lenna Andrews said...

This reminds me of my two, Frieda. But because they are Terriers, they are much smaller! I love your photos . . .


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